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Steven – Malemasseur in Munich City

… Non smoking studio! … no incense sticks!

Individual, friendly service

I have been massaging women, men and transgender people for over 16 years!

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I always knew that I could do particularly much with the hands. First, it showed up in music with guitar, piano, and accordion.

Later I discovered massage. It became my true profession. The variety of massage techniques (numerous schools and training courses in Bavaria!) interests me even today, and to discover medical foot care ("Raphael Ästhetik Akademie") and always to deepen skills through new advanced training. Thus I learned foot reflexology and traditional Thai physical massage in Thailand, pulsation therapy in Munich (Center for Naturopathy), and spinal column therapy in Dorn.

From 2005 to 2007, I participated in a nonmedical practitioner training at the HP Academy, Oberanger 43 in Munich.

Beyond all these techniques, I can project myself through my hands into the body of my massage partners and resolve tension through gentle contact.

Supporting methods - music, medical red light infrared C, herb stamp, healing stones, etc. - accompany the treatment.

Since 2001, I offer the most diverse massages. The customer should comfortable with me. For a while s/he can win distance from the stress of everyday life, and, in addition, do something for her/his health.

A "pain therapy" course is planned for 2022, along with numerous further training courses on trigger points and alternative healing methods.

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