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A facial mask, made of natural healer

* (pure natural product, contains no 
Chemical additives, without side effects) against premature aging
 and wrinkling.

The facial mask cleans the skin to the depth, swells skin folds on the face
Again slightly increases, increases the blood flow and thus counteracts the skin aging.

The anti-aging effect is characterized by a particularly special, very high-quality
And natural oil mixture.
 Application with cleansing and scalp massage

About 40 - 50 minutes!
* Without preservatives and without synthetic
 Fragrances & Dyes


Body Cushion System

A unique, patented body positioning system during the massage. Specially shaped and tried and tested foam results in the optimal body position.

The body cushion support system - Body Cushion - was developed by Tom Owens, USA, to support the natural curves of the body. It naturally supports the client's body.

The body pillow holds the body open and relieves the neck, breasts, abdomen and lower back while supporting and decompressing the spine.

More efficient treatment for each client: Offers optimal spine positioning, decompression of the spine, supports without pressure, allows deep breathing, adapts to all body sizes and types, allows more control over the treatment, improves access to the body and reduces fatigue of the masseur. No extra charge - just ask for it!


Cupping with massage

Small vessels on the skin are supposed to relieve tension by means of negative pressure and relieve pain. The process has been known for thousands of years. There is no clear scientific evidence of its effectiveness!


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64 Reviews
Uli Burger
Der beste Masseur aus der ganzen Gegend. Der Steffen leistet richtig gute Arbeit und hat eine große Auswahl an verschiedenen Massagen. Für jeden etwas dabei.
Marietta Rausch
Ich hatte sehr viele Probleme in meiner Schwangerschaft. Deswegen bin ich regelmäßg zu Steffen zur Massage gegagen um mich zu relaxen. Der individuelle service hat mir echt sehr viel geholfen. Ich kann Steffen nur herzlich empfehlen.
Susi B.
Sehr gemütlich eingerichtetes Massagestudio ohne das gewöhnliche Krankenhausfeeling. Sehr kompetentes und zuverlässiges Lösen von bösen Verspannungen und Muskelschmerzen auch im begrenzten Zeitrahmen. Ich darf jetzt nicht weiter schreiben, sonst bekomme ich selbst keinen Termin mehr. :-)