A massage with a NEW twist…

Would you like to try something DIFFERENT and EXCITING? Choose what YOU want!

Massage in stainless steel cuffs, both hand or foot cuffs are both optional!

Massage in a leather harness or a leather collar with your hands tied behind your back

NEW Now available: Massage on a spanking board with comfortable headrest 

NEW Selection of stainless steel clips

Also available: Black blindfold, mouth-gag,  personal massagers…

Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks:

  • Just Another Mouth HOLE Gag
  • Slaphappy Flexible Vibrator and many more.

Disclaimer:  You are not forced to do anything during this massage. You can always say the safe word  ‘Stop’.  Before we start there is a short conversation about the procedure of the Bondage Massage.



NEW Massage FANTASY Price
1 hour102 Euro
90 min 145 Euro
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