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Citystudio in the center of Munich, near Marienplatz

The studio is equipped with an air conditioner! Pleasant temperatures, you can relax Enjoy the massage!

Sunday 26th March 2017
City Studio, Tal 30
80331 Munich
call +49.175.6175255
TOP 10 March 2017

  1. Buttock massage
  2. Swedish/full body
  3. Tantric massage
  4. Bondage massage
  5. Strocking and Pampering
  6. Intimate Shaving
  7. Footmassage
  8. Blind Massage
  9. Good Morning Massage
  10. NEW Facial Massage

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Newest Information

November, 2nd 2010 | Coming soon!

Nuru Body Massage extraordinary sensual massage Gel

NEW from Japan! The word Nuru originates from the Japanese language, which means "slippery.
The Nuru Massage uses a special gel Nuru Gel, which is made from deep seaweed and is colorless, tasteless and extremely slippery and smooth.

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August, 3rd 2010 | New!

Sound massage - feel the relaxing sound

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June, 30th 2010 | New!

Body Cushion* Oakworks Massage - you will never missing

The BodyCushion Support System has been developed by Tom Owens, USA to support the natural curving of the body. It supports the client's body to lie in a natural way on a table, bed or on the floor. The bodyCushion suspends the body on its bony frame, alleviating pressure on the neck, breasts, abdomen, and lower back while supporting and decompressing the spine. Complete and total comfort is provided, even during extended periods.
More effective treatment for every client: provides optimal spinal positioning, decompresses the spine, supports without pressure, allows deep breathing, adjusts to all body sizes and types, more control over the treatment, increased access to the body, and less operator fatigue.

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May, 21st 2010 |NEW!

Good Morning Massage

includes 2 rolls and the daily paper.

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14th February 2010 | NEW! Cherry-Pit-Pillow

Cherry-Pit-Pillow - Balsam for the Soul

The handmade pillow with cherry stones is a traditional household remedy. It gives you warmness for your little aches, warmness for your soul, feet and neck.
This is Mother Nature’s own natural heating pillows. Warmed in a few minutes it becomes a safe, convenient, comfortable non-electric heating pillow!
Cherry pit pillows are available in 3 sizes, for your neck, shoulder, back, lower back. knee or feet.

A warming cherry pit pillow is the perfect solution for those endless not only for the winter days.


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