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Buttocks massage

Often neglected and at the same time challenging: The buttocks. Gentle kneading & stretching of the large gluteal muscles causes marvelously relaxing and stimulating effects. A relaxing and also exciting feeling!

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Bondage massage I

On the hands and feet will be tied with a rope ...It is to be an extraordinary feeling then delivered to the masseur.

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Foot Reflexology Massage

Reflex zones on the foot are connected to all body organs. The foot massage stimulates these organs and stimulates the cardiovascular system. Particularly recommended for stress, heavy strain on the feet, back pain, migraines, and sleep disturbances.

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City Studio, Tal 30/ 4.OG, 80331 München
Klingel Robak/ Massage
Tel: +49 175 617 52 55
E-Mail: info@massage-munich.com

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Massages & More

The full-body massage Women

The full-body massage loosens blockades in the body. Particularly affected parts of the body are targeted for treatment. The result: a relaxed body - mental well-being.

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Bondage Massage II - Not for Beginners

New - Bondage Massage II - Not for Beginners ... rubber ball .. Stainless steel clamp - heavy duty ...Foot tire Bondo ..

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Intimate and Body Shave

I offer a professional shave in the intimate area as well as back, armpits, chest and legs .. have years of experience ... fashion and hygiene

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